Esraa Warda the Teaching Artist: Cultural Education

Dance Movement Workshops:

  • Moroccan Chaabi (Frame Drum Workshop additional option)

  • Moroccan/Algerian Reggada/Allaoui (Berber)

  • Algerian Kabyle (Berber)

  • Algerian Chaoui (Berber)

  • Algeroise Classical Andalusian 

  • Algerian Rai/Medahatte 

  • Private and Small Group Workshops Bookings Welcome!

Lecture Topics:

  • Overview of North African History and Dance Traditions

  • Berber/Amazigh Tribes and Dance Styles

  • Social Context of Rai and Algerian Popular Culture

  • Moroccan Chaabi and the Struggle of Chikhat

  • North Africans and Identity Politics

  • Cultural Capital: Conversation about the Global Transmission of NA Culture 

  • Cultural Appropriation 101: Who gets to participate in culture?

  • Discussions on various topics, such as neo-colonialism, identity, movement, feminism, performance etc --

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Esraa Warda the Performance Artist​

Folklore/Traditional Performances and Fusion Collaborations 

  • Solo Performances of Chaabi, Rai, Reggada/Allaoui, Kabyle, Chaoui and Andalusian Algeriose (recorded music)

  • Live Music and Dance Performance Tours

    •  Bnat Houwariyat and Esraa Warda -Moroccan Chaabi and Houwara 

  • The Chaâb Lab: - The "People's" Lab Music Band : Cultural Exchange Projects and Fusions- Collaborations with African-rooted music and dance groups.

    • Ex: Moroccan Chaabi-Guinean, Moroccan-Puerto Rican Bomba, Algerian-Rai-Kizomba, Moroccan-Afro-Cuban)

  • World Music, Folklore, or Popular Live Music Bands and DJs- Solo Performance collaboration

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©Esraa Warda 2020. Photo by Robbie Sweeny Cirque Arabesque 2019 San Francisco