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My Projects &
Past Work

Keep updated with Esraa Warda's artistic projects. To see a list of my past performances/ workshops, Scroll all the way down or click HERE  

Khadija el Warzazia's Bnat El Houariyat
ft. Esraa Warda

Bnat el Houariyat (Marrakech, Morocco) is an all-women 7 piece Moroccan Chaabi/Houara women's music and dance group lead by Khadija el Warzazia, a Marrakech native born within the laâbat tradition. “Laâbat" are women percussive groups who perform celebratory Chaabi songs at weddings and female gatherings who are known to lament and mock the common struggles of life. Khadija, from a gnawa family in Marrakech, uniquely threads in elements of Gnawa in her performance, seen in the video below.  In 2018 Khadija took in Warda, the young protegé of the group, - and ever since they have created a powerful synergy of North African woman power.

Check out Khadija's Video collab with Remix <-> Culture here

Download Khadija's Digital Album with Remix <-> Culture here


Cheikha Rabia & Esraa Warda 

Cheikha Rabia and Esraa Warda both hail from Algeria, but today, they live in opposite corners of the world. Rabia, a renowned singer with over five decades of experience in keeping Bedouin vocal tradition alive, is based in Paris; Warda, a prolific dancer expert in traditional North African dance

forms, lives in New York. When they come together, the diaspora divas provide a glimpse into the disappearing culture of Cheikhat’ and Rai dancers - foregrounding Algerian tradition through a powerful dance and song

performance in which the ancestral and the contemporary find common ground.

Rhythmology: Learn North African Rhythms!

Rhythmology is a CD jam packed with North African rhythms designed as an educational tool for musicians, dancers, and rhythm learners interested in enriching their knowledge about North African music. This CD can be used to develop a rhythmically conscious ear and practice your dance footwork, clapping, and drumming, as well as learn names of rhythms and specify the countries of origin. As producers of this project, Esraa Warda and Salim Beltitane felt the need to create an honest, original, and historical North African music tool due to the lack of resources created, especially by North African people. 

For info email

Percussionist: Salim Beltitane 

The Châab Lab(oratory)

The Chaâb Lab, meaning “The People’s” Lab”, is a NYC-based music/dance ensemble preserving North African peoples’ musical traditions from Algeria and Morocco. Founded by Algerian dancer, Esraa Warda, the Chaab Lab uses North African music as a bridge to other African-rooted musical traditions, particularly in the Afro-Caribbean, to create fusion performances to unite mutual historical struggles and stories rooted in the motherland. The collective has worked with NYC groups such as Joseph  Chatoyer Garifuna Folkoric Ballet, Batala (Afro-Brazilian Samba reggae), and West African musician Salieu Suso.

Check out latest collaboration "Roubla Mexicana" in CDMX, Mexico with group Sol de Enverano:

The Châab University

In reponse to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Warda created The Chaab University. The CU is a virtual dance class program (zoom) made up of 4 week series focusing soley on "popular" dances of Algerian Rai and Moroccan Chaabi. Structured as weekly movement classes, with additional lectures/discussions and film screenings, dancers around the world recieve a more in-depth educational experience around "people's" dance forms.

Upcoming series starting in October 2021. Registration will be up on "events" page in september.

"Un Seul Hero, Le Peuple" Festival (virtual 2021)

Produced by Esraa Warda "Un Seul Hero, Le Peuple" is a virtual festival of Algerian dance/drum workshops, live concerts, and panel discussions by renowned women artists around the Algerian diaspora who embrace people power, revolution in arts, and cultural work as resistance. 

The 1st edition in 2021 hosted powerful Algerian women artists around the world, such as Amel Zen, Souad Asla, Amel Tafsout, Dr. Melyssa Haffaf, Sarah el Hamed, and Hayat Amar.

For details on the programmation of the past edition: click here

Past work 

  •       Notable Performances
    • 08/21: "PBS's Bare Feet with Mickella Malozzi, Moroccan Chaabi performance CUMBE Center for African Dance, Bklyn NYC

    • 03/21: "Disappearing Acts" with Latasha Diggs, Various Algerian/Moroccan: Movement Lab at Barnard College, NYC

    • 06/21: "Roubla Mexicana" Algerian-Mexican Fusion Performance: Foro Contigo America, CDMX Mexico

    • 03/20: "Habibitch pour Toustes" Algerian Rai performance : Cabaret de Poussiere, Paris France

    • 02/20 "Bnat el Houariyat and Esraa Warda, Live Moroccan music/dance concert Backstage Casablanca, Morocco

    • 02/20 Chaabi Habibi: Université Populaire d'Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium, Noujoum Chaabi & Esraa Warda 

    • 12/19: Cirque Arabesque, San Francisco 

    • 07/19: Wrong Queens, Mosiac Rooms, London UK

    • 03/19 L'uzine Casablanca, Morocco - Bnat el Houariyat & Esraa Warda

    • 03/2019 Musee de la Femme, Exposition : Femmes pionnières,  Marrakech Bnat el Houariyat & Esraa Warda

    • 02/2019 Hassan Hajjaj's Mi Casa es su Casa Exhibition, Marrakech Bnat el Houariyat & Esraa Warda

    • 12/2018 Outlet Dance Project Festival, New Jersey

    • 11/2018 Musuem of Modern Art, PS1 Meriem Bennani & Esraa Warda

    • 10/18: Royal Theater of Marrakech: Bnat el Houariyat & Esraa Warda

    • 2018 American Folklore Society Conference Chaoui Dance Performance

    • 04/18: Havana Habibi, Teatro Retazos, Havana Cuba 

    • Notable Workshops/Lectures:

    • 08/21: "PBS's Bare Feet with Mickella Malozzi, Algerian Rai WS: Central Park, NYC

    • 07/21 Algerian Movement WS : Understanding Muslim Cultures through the Arts NEH Summer Institute for K-12 Educators, NYC

    • 07/21: Algerian Movement WS: Adult& Children, Al- Bustan Hub Seeds of Culture, Philadelphia PA

    • 05/21 U-ottawa Feminist Festival, Ottawa CA

    • 05/21: Algerian Movement WS: Expanding Dance Horizons: Art Council of Ontario & Yasmina Ramzy Arts, Ontario CA

    • 05/21: Algerian Rai Lecture/Movement WS: "Un Seul Hero, Le Peuple" Festival, NYC

    • 02/20 : Moroccan Chaabi Workshops: The Africa Center NYC

    • 03/20 Cultur'Rai Weekend: Maison Folle Wazemmes: Raina Rai, Cheb Gero, & Esraa Warda

    • 12/20: Beat of the Boroughs: Center for Traditional Music and Dance

    • 12/2019 From the Aures to New York, Citylore NYC

    • 07/2019; HIBA Lab Rabat; Chaab Jam Kbira w/Nezha Rondhali

    • 04/18 : IPADE , The Shed NYC

    • 10/2019 Le Space- Brussels, Belgium 

    • 10/2019: National Algerian Centre, London UK

    • 10/2019 Belcampo Loft, Amsterdam Netherlands

    • 11/2019: Association C3B, Paris France

    • 11/2019: Association Amal Grenoble, France

    • 11/2019: Passage Fitness, Daoudia Bidaouia & Esraa Warda

    • 08/2018: Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago 

    • 04/18--present: Moroccan Chaabi dance teaching artist: Cumbe Center for African Diaspora Dance, Bklyn NYC

    • 02/2018-- present: Moroccan/Algerian dance teaching artist: Sweet Water Dance and Yoga , Bronx NYC

    • Notable Panels/Lectures:

    • 12/20: Lecturer: Chanelling the Arts for Revolution, CUMBE Center for African Dance

    • 09/2020 North African Resistance and Performance Hanan Arts Miam

    • 05/2019: Women in Rai, Wellesley College MA

    • 03/2019: Music and Islam, Cornell University NY

    • 10/2018 :American Folklore Society Conference: Tradition as Resistance

    • 11/2018: Dance Across Algeria & Morocco: Kings College London

    • 07/2018: Resisting a Culture of Exclusion, Brooklyn Arts Council 

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